CALVERA HYDROGEN launches a standardised range of hydrogen refuelling stations in three formats, compatible with different H2 supply sources

CALVERA HYDROGEN, thanks to its global expertise in hydrogen engineering, complete manufacturing and maintenance of hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS), has just launched a standardised range of HRS in three formats, compatible with different H2 supply sources (electrolyzer or tube trailer):

– Portable HRS: for small-scale projects, temporary locations or pilots, for refuelling buses, trains, forklift trucks…, with a capacity of up to 1.3 tons of H2 per day. These are transportable and containerised systems with separate mobile storage modules for logistical optimization.

– Compact-modular HRS: containerised solution for medium-sized projects and fleets of public and/or private vehicles, with a capacity of up to 1.7 tons of H2 per day. The different modules can be combined to expand capacity and refuelling pressure range.

– High-capacity HRS: for large-scale projects, massive vehicle fleets and H2-Hubs, with a refuelling capacity of up to 5.2 tons of hydrogen per day (and with the possibility of expanding this capacity delivered per day upon request). This model allows for scalability, i.e. projects can be built in different phases by adding new systems “in parallel”.

In this way, CALVERA HYDROGEN marks a milestone in the sector, betting on the standardisation of products to reduce costs, optimise resources and thus be more competitive and be able to adapt to any need of its customers.

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