A basic element in our relationships, we value the work of each member of our organization, our suppliers, customers and collaborators.


At CALVERA HYDROGEN we want to be pioneers in everything we do, so driven by our philosophy of growing and helping to have a better world, we are tireless enthusiasts in the development of our products.


Our competitive advantage, our skills and technical knowledge make us always attentive to the needs of our market.


At CALVERA HYDROGEN we believe and trust in our employees, so we are aware that we all grow when we take on challenging tasks; taking responsibility for our daily work is an added value that we promote.


Unity is strength, that is why at CALVERA HYDROGEN unity is a fundamental aspect, working together and in the same direction, helps us not only in our work but also in fostering good personal relationships among us.


Total quality in everything we develop, not only to satisfy the customer, but also to be satisfied with the work done.