Hydrogen in our stars

CALVERA HYDROGEN is also the name of a neutron STAR “1RXS J141256.0+792204” that lies in the constellation Ursa Minor and it is the closest of its kind to Earth. It is thought that it may be the first object of a new type of neutron stars,,, and this encourages us to keep growing in a sustainable way by continuously investing in R&D+i.
SIMBAD Astronomical Data Base

R+D+i plays a central role in CALVERA HYDROGEN’s strategic model, being developed through all the activities and products that the company develops.

That is why CALVERA HYDROGEN´s Policy on this matter, focuses on promoting R + D + i activities as a differential factor of competitiveness and its main axis within the corporate reputation strategy.

CALVERA HYDROGEN has extensive experience in participating, as a partner or collaborator, in international consortiums of European fundings for research, development and innovation projects (biogas, synthetic gas, energetic hydrogen, power-to -gas, gas-to-liquid, CO2 capture and storage, compression, gas transport and supply).

CALVERA HYDROGEN´s R + D + i policy is mainly based on:

Implementing and maintaining a R & D & i Management System based on the requirements of the UNE 166002: 2014 standard, in an efficient, agile and dynamic form, which allows us to satisfy the requirements and expectations of the CALVERA HYDROGEN´s stakeholders.

Carrying out activities with criteria of effectiveness and efficiency, always pursuing continuous improvement and the integration of innovations, with the active involvement of CALVERA HYDROGEN professionals.

Permanent control of R & D & I indicators, being kept within the established limits.

Base all decisions on R & D & I activities on a strategic vision of the processes, shared at all levels of the company.