Benchmark in industrial gas, CNG and hydrogen

CALVERA HYDROGEN is the industry benchmark in industrial gas, compressed natural gas and hydrogen for energy storage, transport and supply systems.

CALVERA HYDROGEN is a well experienced company , which works on the premise of maximum safety. It introduces new, competitive and efficient products in fields such as energy hydrogen , natural gas-biogas or industrial gases, which offer revolutionary solutions for companies and communities.

CALVERA HYDROGEN has extensive experience as a partner in international consortiums, European calls for research, development and innovation projects (biogas, synthetic gas, energy hydrogen, power to gas, gas to liquid, CO2 capture) and gas storage and transport under special conditions.

The company’s business lines cover gas and biogas, hydrogen and industrial gases. CALVERA HYDROGEN can design the optimum solution that best adjusts to each project and customer’s needs. It also provides regular services for all its products.


Development of equipment and facilities in the important use of Hydrogen as an energy vector. With its experience, CALVERA HYDROGEN supports technology companies that are developing projects linked to hydrogen, such as refuelling stations, hydrogen generation and fuel cell applications.



Storage and transport solutions  for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). This division of CALVERA HYDROGEN offers market-exclusive solutions, adapting to all volumes and consumptions while ensuring maximum operational cost efficiency for the end customer.


Solutions for all industrial, food and medicinal gases. This is the traditional business of CALVERA HYDROGEN, to attend to major multinational gas companies, as an approved supplier of solutions for transport and storage.



Professionals with wide international experience in compressed gas projects.


Customized engineering for each customer, seeking the most efficient solution for each project.


Innovation is permanently underway for competitive products for HRS, CNG and Biogas


Wide experience in international consortiums and tenders.