Experts in high-pressure systems and safety since 1954

CALVERA HYDROGEN integrates all processes for the design, manufacture and supply for compression, transport, storage and dispensing equipment for high-pressure compressed gases.

With an international presence in some major countries around the world, the head offices of CALVERA HYDROGEN, plus its two manufacturing facilities, are located in Zaragoza, Spain.

Zaragoza is a key business, logistic and industrial hub, located equidistant from the 3 top economic centers of Spain: Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao. It is connected to the rest of Spain by high-speed train and has an international airport that is a principal cargo hub, third ranked within the Iberian Peninsula.

CALVERA HYDROGEN´s Malpica facility is focused on special welding and steel and other metal (structures manufacturing), whereas the Epila facility is mainly dedicated to manufacture, final assembly and testing of the equipment. CALVERA HYDROGEN has a workforce of highly qualified technicians with strong engineering, fabrication, erection, commissioning and maintenance capabilities that, together with modern and automated facilities provide high quality and state of the art products.

CALVERA HYDROGEN´s competitive advantages


More than 35 years of experience in the engineering,  design, manufacture and delivery of high pressure gas storage, compression systems, transport and supply equipment, which is why we offer the highest guarantee of safety, quality and reliability.


We have two manufacturing facilities. CALVERA HYDROGEN´s Malpica facility is focused on special welding and steel and other metals structures manufacturing, whereas the Epila facility is mainly dedicated to the manufacture, final assembly and testing of the equipment.


We are experts in integration and interconnection, with the most appropriate solutions for each application; this is reflected in our experience and years of practice with the necessary materials, suppliers and processes to avoid failures generated during the handling and use of equipment.


Whether it is required for storage, transport and/or supply of gas, CALVERA HYDROGEN has developed its own state of the art designs to satisfy customer needs. We invest a high portion of our revenues in I+D, in a continuous exercise to develop new high quality and performance products and to improve the existing ones.


We have long-standing relationships with leading suppliers. This allows CALVERA HYDROGEN to achieve flexibility in the full supply chain, design and manufacture of our equipment. CALVERA HYDROGEN can integrate all types of storage cylinders according to the project requirements and the specific needs of the customer using the needed type of equipment.

Other competitive advantages

35 years of experience without incidents or leakage in CALVERA HYDROGEN’s manifold: rollover protection and anti-vibration design, guaranteeing a high gas flow rate, cost-effectiveness optimization (CAPEX/OPEX), depending on the project, bespoke manufacturing is an option, close collaboration with trailer manufacturers, rapid and appropriate response to incidents.


Satisfy the demand for safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions for the use of pressurized gases, through innovation and experience, to promote the Energy Transition to a decarbonized environment, for the benefit of society and our stakeholders.


To be an international benchmark in the engineering and industrialization of large-scale solutions , for the entire renewable gas value chain, boosting the Energy Transformation, for the benefit of the community and our commitment to a decarbonized future.