Calvera Hydrogen launches its newest product: CALVERA 20×20 PORTABLE HYDROGEN REFUELLING STATION

As a result of our increasing investment in R&D and the development of new Hydrogen infrastructure products focused on driving the sector forward, we have just launched our newest Hydrogen Refuelling Station: CALVERA 20×20 PORTABLE HYDROGEN REFUELLING STATION.

It has a reduced and compact lay out, consisting of a tube trailer, which supplies the hydrogen and 2 units 20 ft.

It can dispense up to 300 kg/day of hydrogen and back to back 100 kg at 350 bar and is very quick and easy to install wherever it is needed, “plug and play”.

Another major advantage is the agility in obtaining permits due to its portable nature.

It’s the ideal solution for bus and truck fleets in their early stages, needing to test hydrogen technology at various locations.

You can watch it in this video:



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