Calvera designs, manufactures and starts up Garbiker’s new mobile Bio-CNG gas station

The Calvera mobile gas station, with which the Basque company will supply its MSW collection trucks, is ideal for revitalizing gas fleets, contributing to decarbonization and facilitating a very simple and flexible gas or biomethane dispensing operation without need for a fixed installation.

The Calvera Industrial Group has commissioned the new CNG / biomethane mobile gas station that the Basque company Garbiker will use to supply the fleets of MSW collection trucks located at its bases in Amorebieta and Artigas.

With this project, Calvera, which has also technically trained the personnel in charge of operating these facilities, once again highlights the success of this technologically mature solution that contributes to the decarbonization of fleets of heavy or light vehicles, in a fast and affordable way, maximizing the penetration of natural and renewable gas, as well as boosting the sector and location of CNG / biomethane fleets.

The main advantage of this technology is that it offers the possibility of dispensing at consumption points without the need for long processing periods and the installation of a fixed station, in a very flexible way, for centralized or distributed vehicular consumption, as in the case of Garbiker.

Calvera’s new mobile gas station model is a compact storage and dispensing system that can supply between 1,500 and 2,000 kg of gas at 200 bars. It is a clear evolution of the previous 800 kg model that allows supplying larger fleets and improving the return on investment.

Framed in the line of Calvera Virtual Gas Pipelines for Renewable Gases and CNG, the mobile gas station is a first technological link that makes it possible, through a very simple operation, to maximize the penetration of vehicular natural gas (VNG) and vehicular biomethane throughout the territory nationwide, reaching the garages of the different consumers at points that the gas distribution network does not reach.

It is made up of a 20-foot CNG storage container at 250 bars, a 20-foot ADR semi-trailer chassis with a steered axle for pressurized gas transportation that can act as a battery vehicle, and an equipped CNG or biomethane mobile dispenser system. with the strictest security systems. It also includes all the electronics necessary to perform and view operations, self-diagnosis and data storage.

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