700 Bar Hydrogen Refuelling Station in Madrid


700 Bar Hydrogen Refuelling Station in Madrid

CALVERA HYDROGEN has delivered the country’s first hydrogen refuelling station for cars at 700 bars in Madrid, which was entirely manufactured in its facilities and internationally approved in accordance with the existing stringent regulations, giving it therefore enormous projection in the sector.

CALVERA HYDROGEN has become the first hydrogen refuelling station manufacturer in Spain, with real projects already delivered, as well as one of the first manufacturers in Europe. The company has taken a huge step, which represents a technological milestone in the Spanish industry, by manufacturing and delivering the first Spanish hydrogen refuelling station for cars at 700 bars in Madrid. In addition to entirely carrying out the manufacture and engineering of this HRS 700 (Hydrogen Refuelling Station) Unit in its facilities, this equipment has also been internationally approved by CALVERA HYDROGEN. This fact is one of the most complex steps of the project due to the applicable regulations and the enormous technical knowledge of hydrogen required.

In addition to the HRS 700 Unit, which was delivered in Madrid for vehicles at 700 bars, the company has recently delivered four hydrogen refuelling equipment for forklift trucks, one for buses (for the first hydrogen refuelling station in Denmark) and a hydrogen refuelling station for mining vehicles in Chile, where an electrolyser and a fuel cell were integrated to generate electricity from surplus. The company is currently developing in its facilities a hydrogen refuelling station for buses, which will be the biggest one in Spain, and it will be delivered at the end of this year. CALVERA HYDROGEN is also manufacturing a new hydrogen refuelling station for vehicles at 700 bars for the National Hydrogen Centre.


The high specialisation of CALVERA HYDROGEN in the design and manufacture of high-pressure hydrogen equipment, backed by more than 40 years of expertise, represents the technical assurance of its hydrogen refuelling stations. Filling vehicles at 700 bars of hydrogen pressure is not a simple job. It is the result of many years of maintaining the highest safety standards. CALVERA HYDROGEN’s team consists of highly qualified and experienced engineers, technicians and assembly specialists, who have allowed CALVERA HYDROGEN to carry out the engineering, manufacture and certification of a wide range of hydrogen filling stations for forklift trucks, cars, buses and trucks, as well as for trains with fuel cells shortly.

CALVERA  HYDROGEN currently offers a wide range of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations for vehicles and is gradually preparing to increase its capacity for the production and development of high-efficiency equipment with guaranteed operation, safety and modularity

In addition to hydrogen refuelling stations, CALVERA HYDROGEN also offers the necessary equipment for the distribution of hydrogen from its point of generation to its consumption, implementing a “virtual” gas pipeline – a mobile gas pipeline. This solution also includes its own proposals such as compression systems for filling high-pressure H2 tank trucks or a complete range of this type of tanks with all the technologies available on the market.

In conclusion, it can be stated that CALVERA HYDROGEN has got a pulse on the hydrogen sector in Spain, with a well-defined differentiation and positioning strategy, which has made the company the reference for hydrogen refuelling station manufacturers, as it is currently the only producer of this high-precision equipment in Spain. CALVERA HYDROGEN is, therefore, laying the course for the future of this technology in Spain.