Surf ‘n’ Turf Project


Surf ‘n’ Turf project


Surf ‘n’ Turf project

Calvera, as trustee of the Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon, is participating in the Surf ‘n’ Turf project in the Orkney Islands of Scotland.

It is an ambitious hydrogen production plan based on the wind and tides of the islands (hence Surf ‘n Turf). It also covers storage (stored in a hydrogen fuel cell) and distribution, by reconverting hydrogen into electricity, for the local supply of the islands, the harbour buildings and the marina, plus other uses.   Calvera has provided the project with three mobile units of compressed hydrogen storage, to transport  it from Eday Island to Kirkwall harbour.

This is a pioneering initiative in hydrogen production, storage and distribution. It has been used to continue implementing improvements to the system with the follow-up project: BIG HIT.

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