CALVERA Hydrogen.  CALVERA has made a significant investment to reinforce its specialization in solutions based on hydrogen  as an energy vector.  Its experience in H2 equipment for the industrial sector places it in an advantageous position in the field of energy hydrogen  CALVERA provides all its experience and technical and production know-how to technology companies, that are currently developing products linked to hydrogen, such as vehicle filling stations, hydrogen generation and fuel cell applications.

Owing to the special conditions required by hydrogen energy use when it is compressed, stored and transported, CALVERA  calculates, designs and manufactures the most efficient solutions. These are implemented in all logistics concerning distribution, tackling different  milestones that form the supply chain of hydrogen.

Energy storage is the most important advantage of hydrogen and the basis of its worldwide development.  CALVERA manages this process from when it is generated to when it is consumed.
The company is committed to the generation of energy from renewable sources, to be used by the major part of the population, in sectors such as the mobility sector. CALVERA is also founder trustee of the Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon, and an active participant in national and international projects on the application of H2 as an energy source. This makes it a pioneering entity in the implementation of hydrogen economy.

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