mcalvera-gas-technologyCALVERA Gas Technology.  Division specialized in CNG and Biomethane.  With a strong impact on complete logistics solutions to introduce CNG as an alternative to diesel and liquefied petroleum gas.  This division provides unique solutions on the market, adapting them to all volumes and consumptions, with maximum operation cost efficiency for the end customer.  In this case, in its range of storage and transport products CALVERA incorporates further technology with decompression equipment at the points of consumption, according to the required volume.

Engineering and high-pressure installations CALVERA has a highly specialized engineering department and wide experience in international projects.  In the field of Natural Gas, the engineering team of CALVERA Industrial Gas has a long, proven record in the design and manufacture of installations for users of high-pressure systems.

Mobile gas pipeline.  CALVERA calculates, designs and manufactures to order a mobile gas pipeline solution, to transport compressed natural gas or Biomethane, enabling it to reach places where the gas network can’t reach.